Passion Fruit: Benefits to Health

Passion fruit is an edible fruit that comes from the passion flower. Spanish explorers named the plant after Jesus Christ's passion. They believed that the passion flower was a symbol of Christianity. The passion fruit is also known as parcha, konyal and markisa.

There are two types of passion fruits -- the yellow passion fruit and the purple passion fruit. Although they differ in appearance, the taste is similar. The purple passion fruit is as a large as an egg and has a purplish-brown skin. The yellow passion fruit is slightly larger, about the size of an orange, and with a bright yellow skin. Both have jelly-like flesh and many small black seeds.

The passion fruit has a tart taste and is often used in cooking gourmet dishes and desserts. Passion fruit can also be turned into jam, juice or combined with other ingredients to make sauces and cocktails.

Passion fruit has been historically used for its numerous medicinal properties. The practice continues even today. Here are some of the health benefits of passion fruit.

Benefits of Passion Fruit

  • Passion fruit seeds are rich in dietary fiber, which helps cleanse the colon and improve digestion. The fiber also cuts down on fat and cholesterol buildup in the body.

  • Passion fruit also contains Vitamin A, which helps eliminate free radicals and toxins that cause skin and tissue damage. The addition of passion fruit to a diet improves skin and eyesight.

  • Passion fruit extract is known to be beneficial for asthma, wheezing and chronic cough. This is because the fruit contains antioxidants that are believed to have the ability to block histamine, reduce inflammation and relieve other symptoms of an allergic reaction.

  • Passion fruit also contains Vitamin C, calcium, flavonoids and other nutrients that fight against cancer and other diseases, while improving overall health.

~ Ajeet Khurana

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