The Papaya As a Healthy Food

Papaya is a wonderful fruit because it combines numerous health benefits with great taste. There are many different varieties of papaya. The fruit is relatively affordable and the health benefits are a definite plus.

Countries that grow papaya are well aware of the nutritional benefits of this fruit. Public policy that seeks to improve local diets will find a quick solution in the papaya. Like most other fruits, the papaya is rich in vitamins. It helps build immunity.

Sadly, many people ignore the advantages of a fruit-rich diet. Thus, malnourishment and nutrient deficiencies are on the rise.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that papaya can be used to treat burns and bruises. The evidence is based on local customs and traditions featuring the papaya fruit. The scientific world is yet to fully accept these claims. Until then, let us continue to reap the more accepted benefits of the fruit.

~ Ajeet Khurana

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