Know the Oxygenated Water Benefits

Many people are not familiar with oxygenated water. This is essentially water infused with oxygen. It helps supply more oxygen into the bloodstream, something that every active individual needs.

Oxygenated water benefits sportspersons and others who are involved in physical activities that require endurance. However, it can benefit others too. Read on to find out why.

Our body needs two important elements -- water and oxygen. We cannot survive in the absence of either of these two elements. Oxygenated water combines the two elements in one drink. It is good for the body and very convenient.

Energy and Vitality

The body undergoes aerobic respiration to absorb energy from food. This process cannot take place efficiently if oxygen levels in the body are low. The body then produces very little energy. This also leads to the production of lactic acid, which makes us tired and breathless, much like we feel after a workout. Oxygenated water can really help in such a situation.

Cancer Prevention

Another benefit of oxygenated water is a reduced risk of cancer. Studies have found that cells deprived of oxygen are more likely to turn into cancerous ones. By ensuring that your body's cells are well supplied with oxygen, you can significantly reduce the incidence of cancer.

Immune Booster

Oxygenated water prevents infections. When there is sufficient oxygen in the body, it allows for the replication of good bacteria that protect us from harmful bacteria and viruses. People with low levels of oxygen are prone to bacterial and viral problems.

People with active lifestyles often turn to energy drinks to get their energy supplies. Oxygenated water offers more advantages because it supplies water and oxygen -- the fundamental elements that our body needs to function.

~ Ajeet Khurana

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