What You Should Know About Orange Tea Benefits

There are so many flavors of tea in the markets nowadays. Drop by the local grocery and you will see what we mean. Tea is popular because you can drink it at anytime everyday, whether hot or cold. It is also easy to prepare, and healthy compared to other drinks like soda and coffee.

These days, orange tea is becoming popular. It goes well with mid-day snacks. You could also team it with wafers or dark chocolate in the afternoon. If you want to cut caffeine from your diet, try decaffeinated orange tea. Regardless of which type you use, there are many orange tea benefits.

Orange Tea Benefits


Orange tea helps eliminate harmful free radicals that damage cells in the body. The tea is rich in Vitamin C, which happens to be a water-soluble antioxidant. So you can expect to be rid of free radicals and protected from cellular damage.

Weight Loss

Orange tea is known to aid in weight loss by increasing body metabolism and providing added energy to engage in physical activities such as jogging and playing sports. Orange tea also contains limonoids, which promote overall health as you work towards shedding some pounds.

Cardiovascular Protection

Orange is known to be a cholesterol-reducing agent. Hence, orange tea has a profound effect on the heart, keeping it strong and healthy. It also helps avoid clogged veins and arteries by stimulating normal blood circulation.

Cancer Prevention

Orange is reputed to have anti-cancer properties, especially because it is rich in antioxidants that are instrumental in fighting cancer. Although medical science is yet to fully prove this, orange tea is believed to protect from stomach, skin, lung, mouth, colon and breast cancers.

Drinking orange tea daily will give you all the above benefits. It is an inexpensive way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and it tastes great too!

~ Ajeet Khurana

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