Benefits of Lemon

This fruit has been known for its therapeutic properties over generations. It is commonly used in home remedies, and is especially effective in treating stomach problems because of its cleansing effect.

Lemon can strengthen your immune system. If you have flu or a cold, try drinking lemon juice. It will relieve the symptoms as well as halt the progress of most infections. Why? Because of its antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Benefits of Lemon

  • Lemon acts as a blood purifier and improves the body's ability to get rid of toxins.

  • Lemon is excellent in fighting infections.

  • Lemon also gets rid of insects like mosquitoes and flies. It is Mother Nature's version of the insecticide.

  • Some people love antiseptics and apply them on even the smallest cuts. The good news is that you can use lemon on cuts too. Lemon is nature's antiseptic. It is said that lemon can be applied on cuts to stop bleeding as well. This is because of lemon's styptics property.

  • Lemon juice is useful for people with heart problems. This is because of its high potassium content.

Uses of Lemon

  • Drink fresh lemon juice to cleanse your system.

  • Use pure lemon juice on wasp and bee stings to relieve pain.

  • Lemon juice mixed with olive oil may help dissolve gallstones.

  • Regular intake of fresh lemons may be useful in treating kidney stones.

~ Ajeet Khurana

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