Benefits of Carrots

A single carrot can supply your Vitamin A needs for the entire day. It is also a great snack and far healthier than potato chips.

Research shows that carrots offer protection against ultraviolet light. Thus, the vegetable can help you look younger for longer. Chinese medical practitioners recommend eating carrots to supply more energy to the liver.

Benefits of Carrots

  • Carrot is energizing and an antiseptic.

  • Eating carrots leads to healthy skin, hair, bones and eyesight. It also cleanses the body

  • Carrots aid cardiac patients. Carrots are believed to reduce the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer.

Uses of Carrots

  • Fresh carrot juice provides relief from stress and fatigue. It cleanses and energizes the body.

  • Carrot soup is a home remedy for diarrhea because it calms the bowel and slows down bacterial development.

  • Raw or grated carrots can be used on wounds, cuts and inflammation.


  • Buy refrigerated carrots. Carrots lose their sweetness and crispness if left unwrapped at room temperature.

  • The deeper the orange color, the more carotenoids (source of Vitamin A) it contains.

  • Carrots have tough walls that the body may have trouble digesting. Try cooking them until they are crisp-tender; then the nutrients will be more accessible to the body.


Eating excessive amounts of carrots may cause the skin to yellow temporarily. This is considered harmless; just reduce your intake. Carrot seeds are also a nerve tonic and may induce abortion. Reduce your intake or avoid it completely during pregnancy.

~ Ajeet Khurana

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