How Hair Growth Vitamins Can Cure a Bad Hair Day

Many Americans are troubled by a variety of hair problems including graying, dandruff, brittle hair and balding.

These are often signs of the natural process of aging. Some people may even be genetically predisposed to hair problems. Many factors contribute to hair loss -- hormone changes, poor nutrition and even stress. It could also be due to environmental toxins, inefficient thyroid, poor immunity and genetic issues.

Fortunately, hair growth vitamins can easily (though not quickly) help you grow a healthy head of hair. Several hair growth vitamins can be taken together. These ensure strong and healthy hair by nourishing it from the roots. Remember, there is no miracle solution to give you guaranteed results. However, you should see significant changes within six months -- about the time that new hair needs to grow. The following vitamins could improve your hair condition considerably:
  • Flaxseed Oil: Take one tbsp or 14 g daily in the mornings. Do not mix with food.

  • Evening Primrose Oil: Take 1,000 mg thrice a day. You could also substitute 1,000 mg of borage oil once daily instead.

  • Zinc and Copper: Take 30 mg of zinc daily and 2 mg of copper daily. Start with the zinc first. Add copper after using zinc for a month.

  • Vitamin B Complex: Take one pill twice daily with food. Try and use a B-50 complex with at least 50 mcg of Vitamin B12 and biotin, 400 mcg of folic acid, and 50 mg of all of the other B vitamins

  • PABA: Take 100 mg daily. This promotes healthy skin and scalp.

  • Selenium: Take 200 mcg twice daily. Do not exceed 600 mcg daily as this may have some toxicity.

~ Ajeet Khurana

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